Metamorphosis was an Idea from way back.  After traveling the world and basically curing our depression, we realized we could help others by having them

My Tour Photos

I was working in Honduras taking pictures of people underwater and making great money!  I would post them online and allow them to purchase them

Nurse Nirvana

I was frustrated with nurses.  There is no cohesion, no collaboration of ideas, no place to get together and make a difference.  Reviews of hospitals

Psych Transport

After getting a phone call on Metamorphosis ( from a family whose son had become psychotic in Peru, we flew down there, stabilized him, and

The Indefinite Journey

The Indefinite Journey is our travel blog.  We love to travel, and this is our journal in digital form, our diary of experiences while traveling,

Digital Design Web

Digital Design Web is a company I started back in 1997.  I was an amateur web designer who learned HTML and some coding and started

Free Buddha LLC